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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the brand with two eyes. We are a dedicated platform that provides digital tools to buyers and suppliers to enhance their online marketing journey. is the leading online platform that connects high quality suppliers to millions of buyers around Zambia.

The What.

What is the brand with two eyes? is the first online marketplace catering to product advertisements. It is a dedicated platform that provides digital tools to buyers and suppliers to enhance their online marketing journey. is the leading online platform that connects high quality suppliers to millions of buyers around Zambia. With you can go on an epic journey. There is a comprehensive list of products that meet various business needs; apparel, textiles and accessories; electronics; gifts, sports and toys; health and beauty; home lights and construction; chemicals, plastics and rubbers and office supplies and packaging. Encounter new business opportunities wherever you are. Find high quality products at a competitive price. Buyers and suppliers on are trade agents, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and SMEs who come to the platform for countless opportunities, resources, and benefits that brings to the world.

What is our mission?

The mission is simple – to empower local businesses on their quest to reach out to the continent. Our localised digital solution is designed to diminish existing barriers and bridge the gap between businesses to boost trade. Zambezii is on a mission to truly benefit society with both eyes open. Keeping both buyers and suppliers’ best interests in mind by building a virtuous, competitive marketplace that is accessible to all.

Who is Zambezii for?

You’re doing business when you’re on is open to all buyers and sellers looking to discover and transact with one another on the platform. Join the marketplace and create your unique online business presence. Aside from connecting buyers and suppliers, has numerous marketing opportunities and services for businesses that desire an extraordinary experience.

How does Zambezii help me? helps you get the exposure you truly deserve. The tools on the platform make it easier for any business or individual to set up shop and get started. The benefit of our marketplace is accessibility. It’s open to anyone on the internet. We make it easy for any user to find suppliers and their products by dedicating space to each individual supplier to call their own. Whether a buyer or supplier, the platform helps you conduct business online. Reach more people, advertise effectively, and save you time and money. Businesses of any size can benefit from the features available on the Zambezii platform. Ordinary methods of connecting buyers and sellers are time consuming, consume resources and are simply ineffective. Our digital tools are solutions to the everyday issues faced in doing business the traditional way. As an intermediary, Zambezii cuts through the barriers and achieves your business goals.

The How.

Do I need to be a web developer to use Zambezii?

Doing business on Zambezii requires little to no technical skills at all. Simply create an account, input your details, and you’re good to go. Choose to register as either a supplier or buyer. Our interactive platform makes it easy for any individual to stand out online. Give it a go!

How much does Zambezii cost?

It’s Free! No costs and no reasons to avoid signing up to the business voyage.

Do I need a website to start my Zambezii account?

No, you don’t. However, we understand that having a website is key for visibility and showing your credibility. That’s why we’ve developed a virtual store to fit your business. The virtual store is more than a website, it’s a central location for all your e-commerce needs.

What can I put on Zambezii? 

The Virtual Store is your company’s online alternative to a physical storefront, minus the high rent and maintenance fees. Aside from your practical business information, the virtual store is a place to show what you’re all about. It is an online storefront where suppliers can target visitors with specific products showcased right on their homepage as they would do in a traditional store. We are a product focused platform and do not allow services to be posted/uploaded. Our personnel are always willing to assist on the best ways to showcase your products. Forget about the physical store, a new era is here.

Transactions on Zambezii

What currency does Zambezii use? is powered with Currency Conversion. This is the process of converting the local currency used on the platform to a USD equivalent. The currency conversion feature is available to all users; both buyers and suppliers. The feature converts the standard currency on the platform, ZMW, into USD. This helps give individuals, buyers and suppliers, a better chance of getting a converted rate straight from the platform, rather than accessing a different portal for conversion needs.

Can I buy on does NOT process online payments. More than just show products, the platform empowers buyers with features that help them make better informed purchase decisions. Though you cannot pay on the platform, streamlines the sourcing process and helps you find the products you like and connect directly with the supplier.

Does deliver?

Zambezii does not offer delivery service. However, the platform has features that significantly reduce transaction time and help buyers get contact information and be able to see the verified, reliable suppliers that do offer delivery services.

Is responsible for any lost, faulty or damaged items? is not responsible for any lost, faulty, or damaged items. We try to ensure that all products listed on the platform are genuine products through numerous validation procedures. Since transactions are not facilitated online, will not be held liable for any items transacted offline. We advise users to make informed decisions and engage with credible suppliers that have products that interest them.