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About us

The Focus is a digital platform that empowers local businesses on their quest to reach out to the continent as a whole. Bridging the gap between business suppliers and buyers by diminishing pre-existing barriers. Providing a localized, digital solution, to boost regional trade. is “The Brand With Two Eyes”. We are on a mission to truly benefit society, with both eyes open. Keeping both the supplier, and buyer’s best interest in mind by developing a virtuous, competitive, marketplace.

Our Mission – The Brand With Two Eyes

Develop digital tools that empower both, suppliers and buyers, by building a virtuous competitive marketplace, accessible to all.

Our Vision – Imagine Infinity

Continuously explore new space without a limit on what can be achieved. is The Brand With Two Eyes. We want you to Imagine Infinity, so Just Search It!

Our Values

We believe in helping one another. Mentorship and knowledge sharing are key for growth. Empower your peers and don’t be afraid to seek guidance. Ridicule is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. After all, we’re building a culture driven by trust as to elevate every distinct participant.

How it Works

Getting Started Doing business on Zambezii requires little to no technical skills at all. Simply create an account, input your details, and you’re good to go. Choose to register as either a supplier or buyer, each with a unique set of attributes.

How It Works Cont

  • 1. Register for Free Join the Zambezii marketplace and create your unique online presence. Decide which membership plan suits you and your business best. Choose between a free plan or three distinct paid memberships and enjoy the extra benefits. Don’t forget, registering is completely free. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

  • 2. Profile Creation Creating an account is fairly simple. Once you’ve decided on a membership plan, you’re ready to go. Sign up using your email address and create a secure password. Input the relevant details and hit confirm. You’ll receive a verification email, just follow the link to complete the set-up. Once redirected, fill up the required fields relevant to your business operations and personal status.

  • 3. Personalise and List Personalise your profile or customize it with the optional virtual store to stand out, on there’s a solution for all your business needs. Who needs the costs of setting up a physical store? Decide what category of products you want to sell and start listing accordingly. Make sure you input all the correct details and pair them with the right product images to increase your chances of selling.

  • 4. Exposure Is Everything Give your business the recognition it truly deserves. On, there are countless methods at your disposal. Available to every member of the community, Product Boost powers your listings to the top. Advertise your listings even further with unique packages curated to give individuals and companies a taste of everything. Promote your business through cost effective avenues and rid yourself from traditional hassles that get you nowhere. Don’t run after potential clients, let them find you!

  • 5. Connect and Communicate Get connected with a diverse range of business entities operating on the Zambezii platform. The wide community of trusted companies are here to help facilitate a smoother online experience for everyone. Merits come first on Zambezii, feel free to report any activities that raise concern. The platform offers communication tools fit for any business needs, jump on board and get to chatting. Your next opportunity is a click away.
    Culminating the Benefits Enjoy the hassle-free approach of doing business online by benefiting from Zambezii’s curated features. Aimed at improving overall efficiency, reducing costs, and building long lasting relationships.